Monday, May 24, 2010


We have some new little kitties at our house! There names are Finn and Piper. They are lots of good intertainment for Mia and Piper is nice enough to tolerate her love/squashing hugs:) These kitties are really fun and Olive tries her best to eat them. I think she is just mothering them, but they are so little it doesnt work so well!
On to our life....trying very hard to squeeze every extra penny out of whatever piece of my budget that I can. So I made my own laundry soap (totally forgetting about my allergic reactions to some soaps) and I am now beginning the rewashing of all my clothes, sheets and towels! I am covered with a very itching, sometimes sore rash!!! So much for being frugal:/
I have had some more generous donations to my mission trip and now only have $938.00 dollars left to raise!! God is amazing! If you would like to donate to the orphanages that we are going to, leave a comment and your email and I will let you know what I need. Well I think that is about all that is happening. Nothing major and that is wonderful. Loving the warm weather we are now finally having. Mia spent several hours in her pool this afternoon and then onto the sand box and finally to the tub! She loves water and her bathtime can last up to 2 hours:) She has also tried to introduce the kitties to swimming, but the declined in a rather abrupt manor!
May you be blessed-A

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  1. God will meet your needs! I'm sorry about your rash, you could always....forget the soap! ha! ;-) Cute kitties~She looks so cute with them!
    Where did this week go? We'll have to catch up again!