Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer, Summer!

Its that the time of year where we get to have two baths a day! Mia loves to get into the pool as soon as breakfast is over and play outside all day. She is loving her kitties! They are really sweet kittens and Olive loves to drive them crazy:) We have been blessed with lots of strawberries in the garden patch. I have picked 2.5 gallons so far and there is more to come.
On the adoption front: just lots of prayer for that referral!! We also recieved a call from Lifesong for Orphans that they would be letting us know in 2 weeks about our grant application. Please join us in prayer for that decision. We could really use this grant:)
Getting excited about going to Africa!!! I purchased a book about Dr. Catherine Hamlin who founded the Fistula hospital with her husband in 1959. She is still performing surgery at the age of 83. I hope to meet this amazing women, whose love for the Lord has lead her to give her life to the women of Ethiopia. The books name is "Catherine's Gift". I can hardly put it down. I cant wait to experience this in person.
Only 43 days till we leave. Makes my stomach jump around a little! Last week I had 4 shots and that was not fun. The actual shot was a breeze but the after effects were painful. Every one reacts differently to these things.
Hope your weekend is blessed and finds you in worship to our Mighty God!
May you be blessed-A


  1. I LOVE this picture! Let's get together this week, the kiddos can play outside!

  2. What a fun picture! Praying for you all..