Monday, May 3, 2010

Hooray its May!!

Miss Mia loves to be outside! She loves to go to the park and go down the slide. So we have been going to the park some and taking a little oreo blizzard with us to enjoy. Its fun to enjoy these times of togetherness! She totally cracks me up. We were in the grocery store and suddenly she yells "BOB"! I looked around slightly embarresed, and realized we were standing by the tomatoes! She really likes vege tales:)
Well, time for some news....I made my first full week of running! The first week I started my legs hurt so bad I only did one day. The next week every time I got on the tread mill- my hips, ankles and knees hurt so bad. So I picked up some new shoes and that has made a huge difference. So last week I went 4 1/4 miles. So we are at week 2. Hopefully it will get easier to breath:)
Next on the list...our papers are on their journey to Africa!! We wont know anything until they are officially registered with the court in Ethiopia! But its just so exciting!!!
I have really allowed myself to let go of a lot of my personal disciplines since Mia came home. So I am on a mission to fix that. Last week was to begin at least 3 days of exercise. This week is too get up earlier and spend the time I need in the Word and talking to my Father. This is going to be hard since it requires me to go to bed earlier, which is hard and my hubby is a night owl:) I didnt do that this morn-I will tell you that:) I think that is all for now. Hope you week is wonderful and you enjoy each beautiful day that God gives you.
May you be blessed-A

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  1. Good for you Ashley! I started working out at the community center, but lately it hasn't been working out. I would be happy to just go up to the park and run! I've been thinking of you lately...and somehow lost your blog address..but I found you! Have you ever thought about joining MOPS? I started this year and really love it! Let me know if you are starts up again in September!