Friday, February 26, 2010

Africa-Here we come!

Okay...its totally official! I am going to Africa in July! I am beyond excited and Lord willing-my mom will be joining me. We will be going to love on a whole lot of children, help out some orphanages and do something that I had planned to do when we went to get the kids. We will be spending a day at the Fistula hospital just ministering to the women. Go to for more info. Its just awful what some of these women live with. I think one reason this just grabs my heart is that I would be one of these women if I lived in Africa.
So in preparation for are some ways you can pray.
#1. Pray that our hearts would be prepared to do Gods work.
#2. Pray for the hearts of the Africans we will be ministering to.
#3. Pray for Brett and Mia. Pray that they would be great while mom is gone:)
#4. Pray that God will provide the funds for the mission trip.
I will keep you updated on this time gets closer. We are going with Visiting Orphans. You can check out there site at . There are a few spots left if you want to join us also!
Well on the adoption front..GOD IS SO GOOD!!! We actually are going to get a tax credit for Mia's adoption and this will allow us to send off the dossier! I cant tell you how thankful I am for this tax credit and I pray that Obama will see how much it helps the adoptive community. But I also know that My God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and $30,000 is nothing to Him and He will continue to provide just like He always has. Thank you for all your prayers and support during this process. May you be blessed-A

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

waiting still

I am getting a little tired of snow, but it makes some real pretty pictures! We are going to have to be waiting a little while longer before the papers get sent away. There is now money due before its sent in and we just dont have it at the moment. So please hold us up in prayer as we seek out our options. So much of adoption is waiting on the Lord and more waiting:)!
On the home front here...we just have been laughing alot! Mia is so funny and she says and does the funniest things. She currently loves Mickey Mouse and Princess Daisy. She said yesterday "Mom, you looka so pretty! You like Princess Daisy Mom!" Melts a mommys heart:) She also likes to pray right along with Brett at meals times and this can be a wee bit distracting, but I think she mostly likes to say a very hearty AMEN at the end!
Enjoy the rest of winter if you live where there is actually winter! I mostly wish it would be over. I cant wait to pick fresh strawberries out of my patch this spring!!! Until next time...May you be blessed-A

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Adventure like no other!

Someday....Iam going to share these with her future husband and its going to be so fun!
Okay now for the adventure...FIRST...if you like to drink coffee- please go to and help us raise the money to cover the travel exspeses for our adoption. This coffee is soooo good! We love it and so do all who have tried it.
SECOND..Lord willing, this next week our dossier will be sent off and on its journey to Africa!!! I cant wait to have it gone from my pile of stuff to do. Once this bundle of papers hits the road, we have about 8 wks till we are refferal waiting! I go from being totally excited to massively freaked out!
THIRD.....Lord willing....I will be heading out on a adventure that I have wanted to do since I was a little girl! I will hopefully be going to Uganda and Ethiopia the end of July! I will let you know more about this as soon as I know I have been accepted for the trip for sure! I hope, I hope!!
This week I got to go meet my friends little guy from Ethiopia. He is just precious!! Mia loved him and now she wants two boys from "Akkica". I told her to tell Jesus. So you hear her saying "Jesus, two babies from Akkica" as she is playing. Oh, children are so precious!
Well I believe that should catch me up for now. Thanks in advance for buying some yummy coffee to support us:)! We are so glad for friends and family who support us wether in prayer or other ways. I pray that you will make your way to church tomorrow and that you continue to seek the face of your Father. May you be blessed-A

Monday, February 1, 2010

Check these out!

This is just a random pic of Mia with Olive:) The dog is so sweet yet so bothersome. Puppie stage is cute but they are so bad too!
Any way...since we are in the process of adopting two more children and on the way to being a family of 5 (whoa, thats scary to write)...I have been praying and trying to find ways to live a little more frugally than we have been. Through another very helpful blog, I was lead to these other blogs. I hope that they are helpful to you and your families. - . I hope that your week is blessed and I pray that you make time to spend time in the word of God. May you be blessed-A