Sunday, October 24, 2010

Passage of Time!

Well its no secret that I have not blogged for a while:) Life has been so crazy since I returned from Africa. We started harvest early this year. This was nice because we are now done about a month earlier than last year. But it also makes for crazy busy days. During this time we accepted two babies in Ethiopia and pulled off two fundraisers. Mia turned 3 during the craziness and we will have to have a really awesome birthday for her next year since this year was pretty boring. We are hoping to get a court date soon and praying that if its Gods will we can get those babies by Christmas!
Mia is getting so big! She is just such a blessing from the Lord! She is so sweet and I just really enjoy being a mom most days. She is in preschool one day a week and she loves it. She loves animals of all kinds and loves her kittys. We had to get a new home for Olive since she was needing a lot more attention than I had to give her. Mia has not missed her a bit, so that was better than I was expecting. We are so glad she was adopted into a really nice home where we know she will be loved. I was so sad to see her go though. I think I was the only one:)
Well I dont have a whole lot to say except we are so blessed and life is going good and oh so busy!
May you be blessed-A