Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Time!

What a fun and crazy time of year! Mia has been learning that its time for Jesus birthday and not hers. She hasn't quite got it, but she will. I know that in the morning she is going to be on cloud 9 with all her presents! Tonight is the Christmas eve service at church and she is supposed to sing with the 3 yr. old class. We will see what happens. We have just been so busy. I have been ind the process of getting London's room ready and redoing the office to be more of a productive work area. In between that, we have MOPS and Mia has preschool -which she loves so much! We have been so blessed this year. Its been kinda tight, but God has never failed us and He always takes care of us! Praise Him for all that He does for us.
Going to Africa has really changed the way I look at the holidays. I don't love the extravagance like I used too. I still translate things into shillings and birr. I think of my friends in Africa all the time. I pray that those moments we have to see a different way of life change me so that my life we be more of a reflection of Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas and may you be blessed-A