Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thanks for praying

Great is His faithfulness! God has brought several options to light for us regarding our adoption! We have several options from our agency and that is wonderful. Markets are markets. They are doing a little better today:) We had a friend from our local African yahoo group give us a agecny name for grants. So all these little blessings are wonderful. So thank you for praying. I know that my God is able to do amazingly more than we think or even ask and that is awesome to rest in. Its just amazing how much He cares for us. I pray that you are blessed for taking time to pray for us. -A

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Please pray

Well this is not the post I thought I would write next...We could really use your prayers.
As farmers, our life revovles around markets and government reports. They are beyond bad.
#1. Pray for God to direct us in our next steps.
We dont know where to go or what to do at this moment. We are just hanging on for dear life and knowing that God will show us and we really need to be shown.
#2. Pray that we would know how to proceed financially in our adoption.
Exciting that we recieved our I 171-H form today. #3. Pray that Brett would just keep looking to the Lord, and that God would speak mightly into his life.
#4. Pray that I would be a good steward and know how to stretch what little we have for our family at this time.
#5. Pray that we would be at peace knowing that God never leaves us or forsakes us.
Thank you for praying! I dont know what else to say except we know that God called us to adopt two children from Ethiopia and we are walking by Faith in a new way.
May you be blessed-A

Monday, January 25, 2010

crazy life

Hi! I am back! A little about the winter, if I do not protect my throat and mouth from cold temps I will become sick! So I took Mia sledding and got comfortable in the fact that I had been so healthy this winter so far, and did not wear enough warm things. Two days later I wake up to sickness like never before:) So bed is were I have been. So thankful for my mother-in-law who helped take care of Mia so I could lay in bed sick-hacking up my lungs! Now life has returned to normal with a few twist....We thought last week that we were going to get a orphan from Haiti...had a full day of adoption workshop...and decided to pursue going on a mission trip this summer....and potty training started and so far has been pretty successful! Praise God for a
z-pac to help me get better! This week is sure to be crazy with all the catching up to do. I have several things to tell you about but that will have to be after the dishes, clothes and taxes are all done.
Blessings to each of you-A

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The call of God

This picture was taken not long after Mia had been home. She loves to worship and she praises Jesus with her whole heart. I try to get her to "break it down" when she is singing, but she will not. She sings with her hands folded or raised and her eyes closed in devotion. I know God smiles and recieves her praise with a glad heart!
I often wonder what she would be doing now if we had ignored the call that God had placed on our hearts. I wonder if she would even know Jesus. I wonder where her life would have taken her if she had been left in Guatemala. I know how a lot of girls there make a living and its not pretty. Would she have been one of them? But as scared as we were and as unsure of how it was going to work-we went forward and God blessed us abudantly with this precious little girl.
Once agian, we find ourselves called to adopt. This time we have even less than before. God had said possibly two children! I am even more scared! I know God is faithful though and He will bring us through. It would be so easy to just get one little baby and be done. The easy little family. We would still have money to do the big vacations and designer clothes. But God has said we need to help these children that are growing up without someone to call family. We are called out by God to DO something. Even if we are scared and have to give up a lot. I am not saying any of this for sympathy. I am saying this so that any one who reads this will stand up and help. Even if you cant adopt-help someone who is. The money end of it alone is huge. Do you know someone who does foster care? Help them or maybe thats a way you can help the orphan. Get involved with Compassion or World Vision. Just do SOMETHING! Be the light in a childs life. You may be the only one who can tell them that Jesus loves them and gave his life for them. You may be the one to tell that they can accept Jesus into their heart and be saved for all eternity. Because Eternity is what this is all about. We have a mandate to tell the world about Jesus Christ and salvation through Him. Just loving a child can do this. Be the hands and feet of Jesus. Please. There are little people out there and they deserve to be loved!
Okay-I have stepped off my soapbox now:) May you be blessed-A

Saturday, January 2, 2010

post Christmas

Christmas was so much fun this year! Mia was so fun. Last year she had only been with us just over a month and she didnt know what to think of it all. This year she was all about the presents and going places! She loves to go places and be with people. We are so thankful for her presence in our life.
Well on the adoption front-we finally have our new homestudy done and we get to send it in and we should soon have our I171-H form. This is the last thing we need to get our dossier ready to send in!! Yay!! I am still feeling anxious about this adoption. I am scared that I wont know how to have 3 kids and wont beable to function:/ Than I get worried that I may not have what it takes to help them bond properly. Then I think..I have not been given a spirit of fear or worry but of power and love and sound mind! Praise God that He never forgets us. He gave me amazing peace of mind when Mia came home and he did so much to keep my body going when I thought for sure I was done. If you read this-please just say a prayer that I would have the faith to remember all that my Heavenly Father has done for me and that He will ALWAYS keep me and make a way. Well I hope the new year is going well for everyone. I have lots of resolutions this year. Most have to do with doing better to stay in Gods word and making time to spend time in prayer with Him. It such a important thing for life. Gotta get the munchkin out of the bath tub. Blessings to you all-A