Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crazy Love-Crazy life!

This is Olive and God sent her to us so I could learn just how badly I need more patience:) This dog is very naughty and trying. She is 7 months old and chews anything! Mia loves her though and so she will stay and we pray that she grows out of the naughty stage soon!
Well life has been a little busy. We have been planting our fields, sowing in faith. This means lots of single mom days, which make me so thankful for my sweet hubby:) I have gotten part of the garden planted. I have been doing all I can to fundraise for my mission trip! Iam doing a garages sale this weekend, speaking at a church next weekend and probably some more things. My ticket money is due May 31st. Please pray with me that God continues to provide and that I rest in knowing He will!
On the adoption front...More craziness....We will be making two trips to Ethiopia! I am not so excited to have to come up with more money, but so excited that I get to make 3 trips to Ethiopia in the near future. I did figure out how much time I will spend traveling and that didnt sound so fun! I believe we have gotten in all the papers and they are being processed. I am getting excited about a refferal! Mia is going to love having siblings! She is getting so big , so fast. I am just praying for at least one baby from Ethiopia. We will surely have more changes with this adoption. Its just part of adopting from a country that is not a Hague country.
Our missions team is reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Very cool book! I think its amazing that a lot of what I read yesterday (just started the book) is just what our Pastor taught on at church! We will see what God has to say.
Okay I think thats all for now! I pray that each of you is blessed and seeking the face of Jesus!
May you be blessed-A

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's a New Day!

Well I have 96 days till I leave for Africa! So I have not been eating real well lately and not exercising at all.....so today starts my "Couch potatoe to 5K" program! Its a 9 week program that I can do and will do. I want to be as healthy as I can be when I leave for Africa, and I have been asking the Lord to bless the trip, but not taking care of the body He gave me. So I had been doing some thinking and realized that I needed to do what I could and He will do the rest:)
On the adoption front...still have not gotten the dossier to Ethiopia. We keep getting request for "one more paper":) This is just a little annoying and I am trying hard not to anxious about it, trusting God and His perfect timing.
Well I pray that your week is blessed beyond measure and that you choose to seek the Lords face and to make time for the one relationship that is the most important!
May you be blessed-A

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

God is working even when we dont see it!

Hi all~ I just had to post real fast tonight to share a God thing that happened today. We are struggling financially just like most of you are too. On top of that add one adoption of two children, Gods call to go on a mission trip, and finding out that we will make not one ----but two trips to Ethiopia during our adoption. All of this adds up to a wee bit of stress if I barely take my eyes off God and His call for us. I sent out about 30 letters to fundraise for the mission trip. And I have gotten a few back. I was kinda ticked off and freaked out since I was planning on the help for the trip. I was just having a poor-me party and grumping at God. The mail comes and I go get it. In the mail was a very generous check to go towards my mission trip. I sat down and cried and cried. I was so upset that I had doubted the Great Big God that had called me to this. I just felt like He was saying to me "I've got your back"!
So I just wanted to gloat about my Heavenly Father and how He hears my crys and yours, even when it seems like its scary and hopeless-He's Got My Back!
May you be blessed-A