Monday, November 23, 2009

Prayer Needed

This little girl is one of my most precious treasures that the Lord has blessed me with. I cant imagine if we had not been able to get her or when we went to get her we had been told it was no longer possible. This is happening to the people in Canada. The Canadian government is not allowing people to bring their children home from Uganda. There is another Canadian family in Nepal with their daughter and they have been told they cant bring her into Canada. I dont know a lot about the situation in Canada, but I do know my Heavenly Fathers heart. He loves these children and he is calling Christians all over the world to step up and open our hearts to the orphan. Will you join me in praying for these families and for the whole situation? Check out . This gal is the one who I got the info from.
I have been reading a book on the 2nd world war and how Hitler was snuffing the Jews out. One thing I never realized was, if the Jews got to Switerzland and were caught, the Swiss would turn them over to the Germans. The Swiss were proud to call themselves a nuetral country and yet they participated in this horrendous act to stay nueutral. Are we as Christians staying nuetral by not speaking up a little louder? Are we participating by not opening our hearts and homes to the orphan in a bigger way? I have been feeling burdened by this. Am I just wanting the little perfect family so I can still be comfy and not stand out to badly? Or am I willing to be the person that God has called me to be and stand tall in the face of adversity and persecution? I have been so convicted in the last couple of weeks to really seek the Lord and He has shown me were I have been walking to closely to the worlds side of things. I read blogs of amazing families that have miracles happening and they are bringing children home and growing their families and God is blessing them in a mighty way. I want that! I know God has called us to grow our family through adoption and I also know He has layed some things on my heart lately that are going to be tough. As James Macdonald says " I dont want to walk into heaven, I want the break though the gates at full speed"! Thats what I want to and it comes through prayer and fasting before our Almighty God. So while we are eating our turkey and filling ourselves to the brim and thanking God for all of Our Blessings, remember the orphan. They may be going hungry for the 8th day in a row or worse. Be a world changer-seek the Lord-How will you intercede for the children of the world and for those who are being attacked by Satan for stepping up?! PRAY ....with all of your heart. Isaiah 65:24-I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking to me about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers! As the day of Christs return gets closer, Satan works harder to get us down. I believe with all my heart that God will do great things, if we as the christian will only get down on our knees and stand in the gap for those who cant speak up for themselves. May you be blessed this thanksgiving and remember the miracles that God has done in your life-A

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mouse mystery

So this morning I went to the kitchen and was going to take my daily dose of pills and vitamins. Then I realized that the mouse who is stalking my kitchen....ate my daily birth control pill. So I am wondering if it works the same for the mouse as it does for a human? Either way, I guess I am controling the mouse population. Thats all from the profound section of my brain....A

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So its that time of year again. You know the one filled with yummy food and the abundance of gifts and such. Well yesterday I was doing some of my Christmas shopping and I was just amazed at how many people are already out doing the same thing. So I just have had a few thoughts swirling in my head and now you get to read them:) First is the whole concept of Gratitude, which is a state of being grateful. I was just watching people and wondering if we even know how to do this anymore. This is something we have tried to begin to teach to Mia, and will continue to be a big subject in our home. I think we have so much we dont even know how to truly be thankful for the things that we so take for granted. So I have been talking with Mia about those things each day. Clean water, we wake up and get to eat 3 meals a day with snacks, we have many changes of clothes, we have shoes, we get to brush our teeth, and the list is endless. I listen to Family Life Today, and Barbera Rainey has been speaking on gratitude. I want to challenge all of you to count your blessings each day and make it a habit rather than wishing for more or better.
Next on my list of things swirling...World Vision Gift Catalog. Check it out at and bless someone somewhere this year. We are doing the gift for women and child in Guatemala in honor of Mia.
Next...a friend of mine told me that she has overheard a lady explaining that at their home the kids only get 3 gifts each, since that is what Jesus recieved. I thought that was such a cool idea and have adopted it for our family.
Next...If you live in Indiana or wherever you may beable to go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. I am totally pumped about this. The talent is just amazing and the light show is awesome! I cant wait!!!
Okay now that I have that all out-I hope each of you is blessed today and that Jesus is your reason for being-A

Saturday, November 14, 2009

One year on Nov. 15th

Guatemala City, Guatemala-one hour late already and the luggage is just meandering its way to us. Welcome to a new world were things just take time:) We were running and trying to get through customs, get luggage, find our way through the hundreds of Mayans who had come to the airport to just watch the people. We were already a hour late and I wanted to get the room all ready for Mia and to have the families presents all wrapped. We zoom through crazy traffic and pull up to the Westin. Utter poverty and filth on one side and a mecedez on the other. We were here. We run in and they are all there-the whole family...and our daughter. There were so many emotions! Brett meeting Mia for the first time and knowing that through all of this, at the end of the evening we would have to say goodbye. Mia was so cute! She had grown so much since mom and I had been there. Clara had dressed her in this cute purple dress and she looked like a little Mayan princess. All of her foster sisters were there too. And then there was this wonderful family who offered to interpret for us for the evening. Praise God for them! We went out for dinner at a most delicious Peruvian restaurant. During dinner I would have to wipe back my tears because each minute that past was closer to goodbye. Clara-the foster mom- would just cry and look at me with such sadness in her eyes that I just about couldnt take it. Brett was in a daze. New country,new language, new food, and a new daughter! Well that was the first day of our family of three. By the grace of God-we said our goodbyes. How do you portray all your gratitude to a family who has given all of their love and care to Your child for 15 months? Someday I hope to speak Spanish good and take Mia back to visit. Well from that day forward we have been most blessed by this little girl being in our lives. There have been some really rough days when I have wondered what in the world we were doing but God got us through. Mia has adjusted well and she doesnt know how much it blesses us when she wraps her arms around us and says "my mommy" and "my daddy". Thank you Father for this precious girl! We are a forever family!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Jesus Loves Me!

I heard a quote the other day and I thought it was good. It was this "gossip the gospel"! I really like that! I have been thinking a lot about this Christmas season and how I might be a witness to the people around me that this is not just another holiday. So I pray that I will beable to not be so in a hurry that I cant talk to those around me about the Reason for this Season.
I love my little Mia so much! She loves to sing along with Klove and its makes my heart happy in a teary, good way to see her praising Jesus with her arms stretched up to Him! She is such a gift from the Lord and we love her so much! I pray that this week is blessed for each of you and that you draw near to the Father though the Word-prayer and fellowship.
Blessings to you-A

Monday, November 2, 2009

A New Day

I may be crazy, but I love Mondays! They are a fresh start to the week and I am always reminded that the Lord says that His mercies are new every morning-GREAT is his faithfulness! So this week is a new week to exercise and eat right. To be a better mom than I was last week. Mia is becoming such a big girl. She says new words every day and puts more words together too. This morning she woke up early (the time changed) and she was crying and yelling for me. So when I walked into her room , she says "mommy, I crying and crying, saying Mommy, mommy!" . Totally silly is what this little girl is. She loves to go to church and see the kids and sing to Jesus! She loves to sing and we love to listen. We are quickly approaching our one year anniversary of Mia being in her forever family! Simply amazing how much our lives have changed in one year. We have become better people because of this little blessing that God has given to us. We are looking forward to see what the next year will bring into our family. Well I hope this is a week of experiencing the greatness of the Lord in each of your lives. May you be blessed-A