Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Week we've been waiting for!

Its finally here! We have been anticipating this week since the beginning of the year! Grandpa and Grandma came in from Washington last night and Aunt Nats wedding is on Saturday! We get to wear fun dresses and new shoes and our little Guatemalan loves the froofy stuff! We had a princess party early this month and that was super fun:) She decided that clip on earrings arent very comfy after all. But she loves to clomp around in heels and she is just so sweet!
On the adoption front....paper work still being processed and one new paper that is needed to complete the dossier.:/ I just want these papers to be in ET and be ready to accept our children who are waiting for us! So once again we will be going to Indy to have something state certified. Hopefully this is it and we will be on our way!
Enjoy Spring-May you be blessed-A

Friday, March 19, 2010

Its a good day!

Hey all..Just a quick update to say that the Dossier has left the house!!!! I am so thankful to have the 3 pounds of paper work on its way. Now we wait fot the next step in this grand adventure that God has called us on!
May you be blessed-A

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thoughts from my heart

I am so happy to have a new camera! I love that it can capture the blue of winter mornings!:)
Well I have been thinking about some things. I thought maybe it would be good to get them out of my head and down so they may be a little clearer for me. We will see:)
I have been thinking a lot of my trip to Africa this summer and what all it means to me. I got chronic fatigue when I was 14. It ruled my life till about 4 years ago. It made me afraid to be the person I felt I was to be. I was so scared to do anything for fear of the life draining exhaustion. There was also the silent depression that came with it that I would try to cover with sarcastic humor. You know, Christians are supposed to be happy-that kept me questioning my walk. Then there was the fear of stepping out due to the church we went to and all the said and unsaid rules. This was all very hard to combat. I had such a desire to go and do and be for Jesus! God has sent things into my life and has healed me of the fatigue. I still have to be careful, but I can for the most part lead a very normal life.
So, going to Africa on this mission trip is stretching my faith already! I am trusting God to keep me healthy while I am gone. I am so scared-to be honest-scared to death that I will fall apart or catch something that will send me back to fatigue land. But, I said YES to God and I am going. I feel like He has told me He will keep me well and most days I have total peace about this:)
The next step is this....Next year I will be 30! I don't want to go into my 30's wenching and moaning that I am getting old! I want to be sold out for the work that God has placed in my heart and fill my home with His kids that will call me "mommy"! One thing that I feel very strongly about..is being a living example. That's another reason for my going on this trip. That's another reason why we are adopting again. I tell people that Gods word says to go and do, but I truly feel that I need to go and do if I am going to say these things, plus Gods word says too. So that's a little of whats been on my heart lately. I am so thankful to be able to go! I am also so happy that my mom will be joining me on this trip! We are going to have a awesome time together. Mom and I have done so much together and I am so thankful to have a mom that is sold out for Jesus and who has instilled these values into my life! Its so amazing! Its also this relationship that propels me to be sold out for Jesus in front of my little gal! I want her to have a burden for the lost and to desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus to others. I want to direct you to www.familylifetoday.com . There is a Cd that I gave to all my gal friends at Christmas that is just awesome. Its 3 Essentials for every married women. Its good for those of you who are not married also:) Barbara Rainey talks about being a world changer on this Cd and its my new motto! I want to encourage you to be a world changer in whatever way God has called you to. Don't let fear stop you! One thing that I like to say is this..."When my times up, I want to break the tape at full speed"! I want to RUN my race and finish well! While God continues to bless me with breath in my lungs-I am going to be sold out! I hope this inspires you to be doing what you can in your community! God is awesome-He will make a way for you to do what He has placed on your heart! May you be blessed-A

P.S. took Mia to the chiropractor and she sleeps soundly ALL night long!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Late Nights

She looks so darling when she is sleeping! We have been having a lot of conversation in the middle of the night. Around 5 hrs after she has gone to bed, she will wake up screaming my name. I fly out of bed, zoom upstairs with my heart pounding, and when I get there she becomes totally quiet and just looks at me. I will ask what is wrong, comfort her and hold her tight-all the while trying to breath normally agian. Usually she just wants to see me:) Yay. So last night around 1:30 A.M. I told her that I had enough of this just wanting to look at mommy in the middle of the night! So at 4:00 A.M. she starts screaming "unka Benny, Unka Benny"! I totally cracked up! She knew not to say my name enough to come up with "Unka Benny" who is 2300 miles away. This game has come to a end. Welcome to mommy life, where children scream in the night, where husbands dont have a clue that you've been running up and down the stairs at 1 and 4 in the morning while they stay sound asleep in the nice warm bed:) I love her! She is such a sweet heart and she just loves us so much too! May you be blessed this day-A