Thursday, May 13, 2010

Much about Mia

This is Bella the bunny. She is Mia's sleeping buddy and she is loved lots. Mia had Bella all tucked in just like mommy tucks her in:) Mia moved to a big bed last week. Last week we had night time melt down. Mia loves people and she doesnt like to be alone. But we havent had issues at night time really since the first few nights we put her in her crib when she came home. Well last week she made up for lost time! When she climbed out of her crib and crashed to the floor-giving me momentary heart failure-we decided it was time to switch. Poor little gal had bruises down one side of her and a rug burn on her face. It was awful! She is doing pretty good-has fell out a few times though:) She thinks she is pretty big. She has also decided to start waking up at 6:15 am no matter what time she goes to bed:/
So last week a ran 1 mile. I was emotionally and physically spent. Not only did we have the sleeping issues we have been experiencing strong willed toddler behavior! So with lots of prayer we meet each day and pray that Mia's heart with be changed and desire to obey and see how much we love her and that we want only the best for her. She is so precious and she has such a big heart. She loves to give you kisses all day. She is so gentle and kind with her dollies and she is currently into Leap Frog! We got a "Get ready for preschool" dvd. We hope to send her to a local preschool this fall. Its one day a week and it will be good for her to interact with others and keep her little mind busy.
On the Adoption Front-I have no news:)! We are hoping the papers are in Africa getting processed and that we will soon be referral ready! Cant wait.
On the Mission Trip Front-I have been blessed with enough money to pay for the plane ticket! This us great! You can pray for me on Sunday. I have the opportunity to speak at a local church and hopefully raise some more funding for the trip! If you want to give also, you can go to and click on the donation button.
Well I think thats about all for now. Its not very exciting here right now, just lots of rain. Pray for those in Tennesee and Oklahoma who have been hit hard. We are thankful for just rain after hearing these stories and seeing the pictures.
May you be blessed-A

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