Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ethiopia-Part 2

This picture is Ethiopia. The people are so very kind and we had so much fun getting to know many of them. Their hearts amaze me. Coming from a society that is so hurried and doesn't have time for inconvenience, much of the things we saw blessed me. I am struck by how people help the beggars and the poor. How they walk arm in arm, with out worry of obnoxious sexual comments. I love that they openly show kindness for one another. To me, when we go to Ethiopia-the bible comes alive! After witnessing this culture, I can picture how the disciples sat together and reclined in Christ's embrace. Walking through Korah, I picture how it would be if Jesus came there. The crowd of needy, broken people who would show up to be healed! And I see Summer-She is the hands and feet of Jesus to these people and how they love her! The first time I went to Ethiopia, all I saw was desperation and despair. This time, I saw hope and a future. God is raising up people who love Him to do a mighty work for His Kingdom!
I cant wait to go back again! I cant wait to scoop my little blessings up and hold them knowing I will never have to leave them again. God has a great plan for them. He has done amazing things to bring these little ones to America and I cant wait to see how His story for their lives unfolds! If you would like to be a blessing to the people of Africa-you can through donations! We are collecting diapers, wipes, diaper creams and powder, formula-lactose free and non-gassy, children's vitamins and medications. If you are local- you can drop them off at Bliss Salon and Day Spa in Lafayette. If your not local-you can send them to me or send a monetary donation and we will buy the items. You can email me at for our address. Cant wait to bless these people:)
May you be blessed-A

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ethiopia trip-part 1

Wow! The last 10 days have been crazy! We left for Ethiopia on Feb. 23rd at 6am from Indy and arrived in Ethiopia on Feb. 24th at 8:20 am. We saw two sunrises that day. We were met at the airport by sweet Bisrat and went to the Ethiopian Guest House. Same house, same room from my missions trip in July. Very nice to see familiar:) We rested up-had lunch-rested some more. Than we called the lawyer to see if we could go see the children. Thus began the crazy cycle! We were told to be at his office asap- so we were off. Crazy ride in parts of Addis that were super poor and a little creepy. Got to his office and found out that the children had never been in the orphanage that we had been told! Found out they were in a government orphanage two hours south. So after much talking and even more confusion, we were told they would bring them up and put them in a transition home. We were given a tour of this place and its nice and pretty. Very clean and calm. As far as we know that is where the kiddos will stay until we go back for them. The nannies are sweet and the lady who runs the place-she's the one in the pic- is very nice. They are working with Olivia to get her healthier and we could tell by the time we left that she was already better. Thank God. I never thought my little girl would be like one of the children I have seen in pics of malnurished African children. The skin on her arms and legs was wrinkly and hanging like a very old womans, yet her tummy was large. Londons wasnt as bad for which we are so thankful! The children are great! We are going to have so much fun and be so busy! They took a little while to warm up to us and Olivia will probably need the most work. She avoids any eye contact, cries when she see's us, and mostly tolerated us. But that is okay. We love her and we just kept telling her that and one day she will love us back:) We learned lots on this trip and met some very wonderful people. Praising God that our paths crossed with so many people who love the Lord and serve Him! I have so much more I could say, but I am getting tired again:) Jet lag is annoying! Bless each of you who lifted us in prayer. Words fail me for how much this means to us and how much we felt them! Thank you for standing by us when we needed you! We love each of you so much and I cant help but think of the reunion that heaven will be someday!
May you be blessed-A