Monday, May 24, 2010


We have some new little kitties at our house! There names are Finn and Piper. They are lots of good intertainment for Mia and Piper is nice enough to tolerate her love/squashing hugs:) These kitties are really fun and Olive tries her best to eat them. I think she is just mothering them, but they are so little it doesnt work so well!
On to our life....trying very hard to squeeze every extra penny out of whatever piece of my budget that I can. So I made my own laundry soap (totally forgetting about my allergic reactions to some soaps) and I am now beginning the rewashing of all my clothes, sheets and towels! I am covered with a very itching, sometimes sore rash!!! So much for being frugal:/
I have had some more generous donations to my mission trip and now only have $938.00 dollars left to raise!! God is amazing! If you would like to donate to the orphanages that we are going to, leave a comment and your email and I will let you know what I need. Well I think that is about all that is happening. Nothing major and that is wonderful. Loving the warm weather we are now finally having. Mia spent several hours in her pool this afternoon and then onto the sand box and finally to the tub! She loves water and her bathtime can last up to 2 hours:) She has also tried to introduce the kitties to swimming, but the declined in a rather abrupt manor!
May you be blessed-A

Monday, May 17, 2010

Almost there!

Yesterday was a adventure for me! I had the opportunity to go to a friends church and speak about my upcoming trip to Africa. Then they blessed me with a donation towards my trip. I was very humbled. I wish I could tell you what I said, but I dont remember:) I was a little nervous. It was fun to see who all went to the church. I work out at Curves and have met a lot of people, but I dont know a whole lot about them. I recognized a few people. So I only have $1221.00 to go to completely fund my trip. I cant believe how God has blessed me and it just trickles in slowly but its coming together.
Last night we met as a family at Grandpa B's to annoint him. His cancer has returned and he starts treatment today. Please pray for him and for healing if that is Gods will. Pray for Grandma also as she walks beside him in this. She has done this a few times since 2008 and I can only imagine what she is feeling.
No news on the adoption front:) Hopefully soon. I have to get all my shots for my trip so that may start this week. Yippee!
Praying your week is filled with a close walk with Jesus and that you make time for the things that matter-like Grandparents who may not be around forever.
May you be blessed-A

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Much about Mia

This is Bella the bunny. She is Mia's sleeping buddy and she is loved lots. Mia had Bella all tucked in just like mommy tucks her in:) Mia moved to a big bed last week. Last week we had night time melt down. Mia loves people and she doesnt like to be alone. But we havent had issues at night time really since the first few nights we put her in her crib when she came home. Well last week she made up for lost time! When she climbed out of her crib and crashed to the floor-giving me momentary heart failure-we decided it was time to switch. Poor little gal had bruises down one side of her and a rug burn on her face. It was awful! She is doing pretty good-has fell out a few times though:) She thinks she is pretty big. She has also decided to start waking up at 6:15 am no matter what time she goes to bed:/
So last week a ran 1 mile. I was emotionally and physically spent. Not only did we have the sleeping issues we have been experiencing strong willed toddler behavior! So with lots of prayer we meet each day and pray that Mia's heart with be changed and desire to obey and see how much we love her and that we want only the best for her. She is so precious and she has such a big heart. She loves to give you kisses all day. She is so gentle and kind with her dollies and she is currently into Leap Frog! We got a "Get ready for preschool" dvd. We hope to send her to a local preschool this fall. Its one day a week and it will be good for her to interact with others and keep her little mind busy.
On the Adoption Front-I have no news:)! We are hoping the papers are in Africa getting processed and that we will soon be referral ready! Cant wait.
On the Mission Trip Front-I have been blessed with enough money to pay for the plane ticket! This us great! You can pray for me on Sunday. I have the opportunity to speak at a local church and hopefully raise some more funding for the trip! If you want to give also, you can go to and click on the donation button.
Well I think thats about all for now. Its not very exciting here right now, just lots of rain. Pray for those in Tennesee and Oklahoma who have been hit hard. We are thankful for just rain after hearing these stories and seeing the pictures.
May you be blessed-A

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hooray its May!!

Miss Mia loves to be outside! She loves to go to the park and go down the slide. So we have been going to the park some and taking a little oreo blizzard with us to enjoy. Its fun to enjoy these times of togetherness! She totally cracks me up. We were in the grocery store and suddenly she yells "BOB"! I looked around slightly embarresed, and realized we were standing by the tomatoes! She really likes vege tales:)
Well, time for some news....I made my first full week of running! The first week I started my legs hurt so bad I only did one day. The next week every time I got on the tread mill- my hips, ankles and knees hurt so bad. So I picked up some new shoes and that has made a huge difference. So last week I went 4 1/4 miles. So we are at week 2. Hopefully it will get easier to breath:)
Next on the list...our papers are on their journey to Africa!! We wont know anything until they are officially registered with the court in Ethiopia! But its just so exciting!!!
I have really allowed myself to let go of a lot of my personal disciplines since Mia came home. So I am on a mission to fix that. Last week was to begin at least 3 days of exercise. This week is too get up earlier and spend the time I need in the Word and talking to my Father. This is going to be hard since it requires me to go to bed earlier, which is hard and my hubby is a night owl:) I didnt do that this morn-I will tell you that:) I think that is all for now. Hope you week is wonderful and you enjoy each beautiful day that God gives you.
May you be blessed-A