Monday, August 24, 2009

lots to take to Jesus

First off-I will get some pictures on here soon:) I know some of you are waiting for them!
Its been a little crazy the last little while. God has blessed my garden with a bountiful harvest and I have been doing lots of tomatoe processing. I hope to make a lot of salsa tomorrow! I am also going to try making tamales for the first time. I hope they are good because I love tamales!! This past weekend we spent with the hubbys family and it was fun. We were up at the lake and it was really cool this year-about 65. Not good swimming weather but the little boys all got in and so did some of the girls. Mia and I had a nap on the deck all bundled in a down comforter.
Sunday we had a end of summer band and bbq at the park. It was nice and the hotdogs were yummy. I dont know how many people were there but I do know that they fixed about 150 hotdogs!
Now for the serious stuff. Our friends-Jeremy and Addi Camp lost there baby at 14 wks. Please lift them up to Jesus and Addi asked for healing for her body.
Next-Please pray for little Charlie. He is the little boy of our friends and they are waiting to bring him home from Ethiopia. He has phenomia and its a long ways away from mom and dad. Please pray for them that God gives them peace during this time.
Well I have a lot of stuff to do to get ready for the salsa making process tomorrow-so I must go.
May you be blessed-A

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good reading

One of the things that I have been doing in my life is trying to get rid of baggage from the past and be REAL! This is scary because you have to feel and hurt and allow yourself to cry and admit things about yourself that are not pretty! I have also been reading alot lately. I have not yet figured out how to link stuff so I will just tell you that most books are available on Amazon.
First I read "Scared" by Tom Davis. Heart renching....Now I am reading "Red Letters" by him also. I will read a little bit and just have to sit and think and digest. I am hard core about reaching the orphans of the world. I just dont know yet how much I am to do. Still seeking the Lord on that one. I do know that expanding our family through adoption is one of them-Still seeking the Lord on that one also. Anyway, if you have time to read-reaching the Fatherless is a concern to you-these books are amazing.
I am also trying to plan Mia's 2nd birthday-First birthday home. If any of you know of Guatemalan birthday traditions beyond fireworks and pinatas, let me know!
May your day be blessed-A

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Humid days

Today is just another hot summer day, but thats okay since we have been waiting for summer-all summer:) I got tickets today to go visit my family in September so I am pretty excited about that! We get to see cousin Tomas and his girlfriend tonight which is a rare treat! We love it when family visits. Well this is all for now. Just wanted to get the blog going
May you be blessed-A