Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crazy Love-Crazy life!

This is Olive and God sent her to us so I could learn just how badly I need more patience:) This dog is very naughty and trying. She is 7 months old and chews anything! Mia loves her though and so she will stay and we pray that she grows out of the naughty stage soon!
Well life has been a little busy. We have been planting our fields, sowing in faith. This means lots of single mom days, which make me so thankful for my sweet hubby:) I have gotten part of the garden planted. I have been doing all I can to fundraise for my mission trip! Iam doing a garages sale this weekend, speaking at a church next weekend and probably some more things. My ticket money is due May 31st. Please pray with me that God continues to provide and that I rest in knowing He will!
On the adoption front...More craziness....We will be making two trips to Ethiopia! I am not so excited to have to come up with more money, but so excited that I get to make 3 trips to Ethiopia in the near future. I did figure out how much time I will spend traveling and that didnt sound so fun! I believe we have gotten in all the papers and they are being processed. I am getting excited about a refferal! Mia is going to love having siblings! She is getting so big , so fast. I am just praying for at least one baby from Ethiopia. We will surely have more changes with this adoption. Its just part of adopting from a country that is not a Hague country.
Our missions team is reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Very cool book! I think its amazing that a lot of what I read yesterday (just started the book) is just what our Pastor taught on at church! We will see what God has to say.
Okay I think thats all for now! I pray that each of you is blessed and seeking the face of Jesus!
May you be blessed-A

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