Wednesday, April 7, 2010

God is working even when we dont see it!

Hi all~ I just had to post real fast tonight to share a God thing that happened today. We are struggling financially just like most of you are too. On top of that add one adoption of two children, Gods call to go on a mission trip, and finding out that we will make not one ----but two trips to Ethiopia during our adoption. All of this adds up to a wee bit of stress if I barely take my eyes off God and His call for us. I sent out about 30 letters to fundraise for the mission trip. And I have gotten a few back. I was kinda ticked off and freaked out since I was planning on the help for the trip. I was just having a poor-me party and grumping at God. The mail comes and I go get it. In the mail was a very generous check to go towards my mission trip. I sat down and cried and cried. I was so upset that I had doubted the Great Big God that had called me to this. I just felt like He was saying to me "I've got your back"!
So I just wanted to gloat about my Heavenly Father and how He hears my crys and yours, even when it seems like its scary and hopeless-He's Got My Back!
May you be blessed-A

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