Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Week we've been waiting for!

Its finally here! We have been anticipating this week since the beginning of the year! Grandpa and Grandma came in from Washington last night and Aunt Nats wedding is on Saturday! We get to wear fun dresses and new shoes and our little Guatemalan loves the froofy stuff! We had a princess party early this month and that was super fun:) She decided that clip on earrings arent very comfy after all. But she loves to clomp around in heels and she is just so sweet!
On the adoption front....paper work still being processed and one new paper that is needed to complete the dossier.:/ I just want these papers to be in ET and be ready to accept our children who are waiting for us! So once again we will be going to Indy to have something state certified. Hopefully this is it and we will be on our way!
Enjoy Spring-May you be blessed-A

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