Thursday, December 3, 2009

December is here!

Every year I am going to make the most of this wonderful month in which our Savior was born.....and each year it goes by so fast. We are still trying to get all the crops in and that means food to the field still! I did manage to get all my christmas decorations up and now we are ready. Next week we hope to make 30 dozen cookies for the prison ministry. Then we are going to make more fun cookies for others, and hopefully I am going to find time to try my hand at making hard tack candy.
Next on the adoption news....our 2nd homestudy is almost finished! That means soon we can get all the papers sent away so they can began the journey to Ethiopia. I cant wait. I get butterflys each time I think of it! Well I do believe its time for more little people in the house so that Miss Mia can learn that all is not hers:) She is sure that everything is hers and that is sure to make things fun for the future! Well I have been cleaning the basement to make a play room to use during the winter. A room were we can have a bird and a place that will not be ruined if the new puppy would choose to pee. So I must be off to work agian. May you be blessed-A

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  1. I can't wait to come help this week! looking forward to it.