Friday, June 25, 2010

lazy summer days!

Summer is crusing by so fast! I have been trying to make the most of each moment and nice day that we have been blessed with. Mia is such fun these days. She just puts more and more together. She loves to roll in the grass with the kitties and they tolerate her affection. We have had a ton of rain lately and some major storms and she just sleeps through them! I am so glad that she can. She loves to eat watermelon and just discovered orange push-up's:) She loves them so! We are so excited to be going to Chicago next Tuesday. We are going to go up and spend the day with a sweet friend of mine and go to the Shedd aquarium. Mia is going to love it! I cant wait for her to experience it.
Well just 23 days till I head off to Africa. Very excited and a having a little bit of a hard time thinking of leaving my hubby and little gal for that long. I can get a few tears if I think very long on it:/ But so excited to see what God has in store for the team and all that we will get to do and all the people we will get to bless with our donations! That will be awesome!!!
Well the little gal has been sleeping now for 3.5 hours and I think I am going to go wake her up or it will be a long time till she wants to go to sleep:)
May you be blessed-A

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