Saturday, July 10, 2010

Count down!

These days have just been zooming by us! We have been having lots of summer time fun though. Mia and I have been doing some swimming. This little gal is a fish! You put her arm floaties on and she will swim for the next 3 hours! She loves to doggie paddle -mostly because its called a "doggie" paddle:) We have been talking lots about Africa and all the fun things she will get to do while I am gone. I got a grab bag that is filled with fun things for each day that I am gone. We had to go do some clothes shopping due to the fact I wrecked a load of laundry:) I love Old Navy. I found some great deals which is awesome. Most of the things we got should also carry over into fall and winter. Its sad to see all the back to school stuff out in stores already:/ I am a forever summer sort of person.
Well I will try to get my itinerary posted this next week and hopefully post at least once while I am gone. We shall see. My bags are packed and I am mostly ready to. Hope you are all having a great summer too. May you be blessed-A

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