Wednesday, February 17, 2010

waiting still

I am getting a little tired of snow, but it makes some real pretty pictures! We are going to have to be waiting a little while longer before the papers get sent away. There is now money due before its sent in and we just dont have it at the moment. So please hold us up in prayer as we seek out our options. So much of adoption is waiting on the Lord and more waiting:)!
On the home front here...we just have been laughing alot! Mia is so funny and she says and does the funniest things. She currently loves Mickey Mouse and Princess Daisy. She said yesterday "Mom, you looka so pretty! You like Princess Daisy Mom!" Melts a mommys heart:) She also likes to pray right along with Brett at meals times and this can be a wee bit distracting, but I think she mostly likes to say a very hearty AMEN at the end!
Enjoy the rest of winter if you live where there is actually winter! I mostly wish it would be over. I cant wait to pick fresh strawberries out of my patch this spring!!! Until next time...May you be blessed-A

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