Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The call of God

This picture was taken not long after Mia had been home. She loves to worship and she praises Jesus with her whole heart. I try to get her to "break it down" when she is singing, but she will not. She sings with her hands folded or raised and her eyes closed in devotion. I know God smiles and recieves her praise with a glad heart!
I often wonder what she would be doing now if we had ignored the call that God had placed on our hearts. I wonder if she would even know Jesus. I wonder where her life would have taken her if she had been left in Guatemala. I know how a lot of girls there make a living and its not pretty. Would she have been one of them? But as scared as we were and as unsure of how it was going to work-we went forward and God blessed us abudantly with this precious little girl.
Once agian, we find ourselves called to adopt. This time we have even less than before. God had said possibly two children! I am even more scared! I know God is faithful though and He will bring us through. It would be so easy to just get one little baby and be done. The easy little family. We would still have money to do the big vacations and designer clothes. But God has said we need to help these children that are growing up without someone to call family. We are called out by God to DO something. Even if we are scared and have to give up a lot. I am not saying any of this for sympathy. I am saying this so that any one who reads this will stand up and help. Even if you cant adopt-help someone who is. The money end of it alone is huge. Do you know someone who does foster care? Help them or maybe thats a way you can help the orphan. Get involved with Compassion or World Vision. Just do SOMETHING! Be the light in a childs life. You may be the only one who can tell them that Jesus loves them and gave his life for them. You may be the one to tell that they can accept Jesus into their heart and be saved for all eternity. Because Eternity is what this is all about. We have a mandate to tell the world about Jesus Christ and salvation through Him. Just loving a child can do this. Be the hands and feet of Jesus. Please. There are little people out there and they deserve to be loved!
Okay-I have stepped off my soapbox now:) May you be blessed-A


  1. I love your soapbox, Ashley. God has put a great burden on your heart and you are boldly following Him as He leads. It's such an encouragement to me. Pray for you often. Love you, my dear sister.

  2. Praise God you took the time to stand up on your soapbox and share. It comes from a Mother who knows what she is talking about and I truly loved this post.