Monday, November 9, 2009

Jesus Loves Me!

I heard a quote the other day and I thought it was good. It was this "gossip the gospel"! I really like that! I have been thinking a lot about this Christmas season and how I might be a witness to the people around me that this is not just another holiday. So I pray that I will beable to not be so in a hurry that I cant talk to those around me about the Reason for this Season.
I love my little Mia so much! She loves to sing along with Klove and its makes my heart happy in a teary, good way to see her praising Jesus with her arms stretched up to Him! She is such a gift from the Lord and we love her so much! I pray that this week is blessed for each of you and that you draw near to the Father though the Word-prayer and fellowship.
Blessings to you-A

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  1. What a super cutie! Glad to look through your blog and get to know you a bit.