Monday, October 19, 2009

praise in the storm

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a nice fall weekend for once. Its been so rainy and wet-but one of things that I love about a cooler fall is the beautiful leaves! They are awesome right now!
One thing that is amazing to me is how timely our pastors messages are to life. We have been going through the book of John and we were in chapter 6 yesterday. In this book the disciples are going across the sea and a storm hits. While they are freaking out and trying to make it through the storm-Christ is just out for a evening stroll on the waves of the sea! Well Christ comes walking by and they freak all the more. They think he is a ghost. Well Christ just comes over and gets in the boat and the bible says the waves were instantly calm and that they were immediately at their destination. Well our pastor was explaining to us that sometimes God puts us in a storm to keep us safe. Maybe we are getting to much like the world and forgetting that this place is not our home. Or maybe we loose sight of the big picture. Whatever the case-we may think we are going to be capsized by the waves but God is all the while keeping us safe from a more dangerous situation. So whatever you may be facing this week-remember that God is there right beside you and that the waves will not over take you. There are two kinds of christians in this world...the ones walking into a storm and the ones that are walking out of a storm:) The joy is that He always brings us through the storm! May you be blessed this week and remember to praise HIM in the storm-A


  1. Hello! I thought I'd "introduce" myself...I found your blog while I was following the "adoption trail" of blog reading this morning. I would love any advice / feedback you had to offer on your adoption experience(s). My husband and I are preparing to start on that journey ourselves.
    God Bless~ Jennifer

  2. great word ... i think walking into the deep water is exactly where God wants us because it makes us completely dependent on HIM ...