Monday, October 5, 2009

Its a grand life!

Hi everyone!
Life has been on fast forward! Two weeks ago was Mia's birthday party. We had 28 people and lots of fun presents. Pictures will follow another day:) It was a fun evening and she had a lot of fun with all the children. I cant believe that she is already two. Its kinda sad but I know there are many fun days ahead. She is such a blessing to us. We cant imagine life with out her. I was a little sad just wondering about her birth mother. I always think of her and wonder if she is sad or if she thinks of Mia on the special days, and then I pray that God will give her a special peace. I hope she knows how much we love her for the hard choice she made. We tried to do Guatemalan things-like the pinata! But I had gotten a pink horse and Mia loved it and was upset that we were wacking away at it with a bat! Maybe next year it will be more fun.
Well next on the list of crazy life items-we are adopting agian! We have been working on this since March and recently found out that the gal that did our homestudy was not really licensed and so we now have to redo. Just lovely! But I keep thinking that God knows our future-He called us to this and there is always a reason for the timing of things. We are adopting from Ethiopia and Lord willing, we hope to bring home two children. We have been called to this and we know that God is going before us to make a path. Its going to be a ride of watching miracles. We have no money for this adoption and the economy has not been good for farming-yet God called and we want more than anything else to do HIS will! So we jumped in with both feet! Its a little exciting and a lot of scary. We had our first homestudy this past Saturday. It was interesting. Glad its over. Its hard to explain that God called you to something and that you have the faith that He will work it all out according to His will. A worldly view does not understand. Plus I wish the people who did this kind of work had first hand experience in adoption. You cant know all until you have done it, and even then there is a lot of unknown!
Number 3 on crazy life items-Mia's getting 5 teeth!!!! I have had 4 days of crying and fever and I feel a wee bit cranky myself. I cant wait until this is done:)
Well that should update you for now in our life. I have lots more to say but since its nap time I had better work like a wild women!!:) May the good Lord Bless you-A

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  1. Happy Birthday to Mia!

    And congrats on the plans to adopt!! We'll be praying for you in the long process. How exciting, though, to bring more children into your home!