Monday, October 26, 2009

Opportunities to share

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! We had our last homestudy visit this past Saturday. I am truly thankful its over. Its really not bad-but when its your second for the same adoption-the endless questions that you have answered so many times get old. One thing that has been hard is this gal is learning all about us and she isnt very personable. Oh well-its done.
We had a visitor at church Sunday to preach. He spoke on reaching out to the Muslim community. One thing that he really stressed was that this religion is not a peaceful religion and we can really reach these people by loving them. 1John 4:11-Beloved, if God so loved us , we ought to love one another. Pray for these people. They are blinded from the truth that can set them free for all of eternity. A lot of these Muslims dont like the mean part of the religion and are open to the gospel if we will just present the message to them. We are ambassadors for the King of Kings and the Lord or Lords. Get out there and do your job!:) I have been thinking of this since so many in Africa are Muslim. I pray that God will give me opportunities to share the truth to these people.
May you be blessed-A

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