Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where He leads......

I just thought I would throw this out there.....I am already thinking about our next adoption and wondering where God is going to take us. Wondering if we will be lead to another child. There are so many little ones who need some one. I cant wait to see if this is something God is going to do. I always wanted 5 kids. Yes. 5. Some may call me crazy or insane, and after each adoption I do wonder if I am crazy. But its still sitting in my mind. Still I wonder if I will be one of those moms driving a huge white van!:) Where He leads, I will follow! May you be blessed-A


  1. totally LOVE the above paragraph!!! Perfect words and I agree 100%!!! Blessings~

  2. Oh. You spoke my heart. I always wanted six. :) Crazy how God chose me, who wanted six children, to deal with infertility. He definitely works in mysterious ways!!!

  3. awsome! Five kids is not in MY plan....but then know what they say about the plans WE make :) Bless you dear....