Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ethiopia-Part 2

This picture is Ethiopia. The people are so very kind and we had so much fun getting to know many of them. Their hearts amaze me. Coming from a society that is so hurried and doesn't have time for inconvenience, much of the things we saw blessed me. I am struck by how people help the beggars and the poor. How they walk arm in arm, with out worry of obnoxious sexual comments. I love that they openly show kindness for one another. To me, when we go to Ethiopia-the bible comes alive! After witnessing this culture, I can picture how the disciples sat together and reclined in Christ's embrace. Walking through Korah, I picture how it would be if Jesus came there. The crowd of needy, broken people who would show up to be healed! And I see Summer-She is the hands and feet of Jesus to these people and how they love her! The first time I went to Ethiopia, all I saw was desperation and despair. This time, I saw hope and a future. God is raising up people who love Him to do a mighty work for His Kingdom!
I cant wait to go back again! I cant wait to scoop my little blessings up and hold them knowing I will never have to leave them again. God has a great plan for them. He has done amazing things to bring these little ones to America and I cant wait to see how His story for their lives unfolds! If you would like to be a blessing to the people of Africa-you can through donations! We are collecting diapers, wipes, diaper creams and powder, formula-lactose free and non-gassy, children's vitamins and medications. If you are local- you can drop them off at Bliss Salon and Day Spa in Lafayette. If your not local-you can send them to me or send a monetary donation and we will buy the items. You can email me at for our address. Cant wait to bless these people:)
May you be blessed-A

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