Monday, August 24, 2009

lots to take to Jesus

First off-I will get some pictures on here soon:) I know some of you are waiting for them!
Its been a little crazy the last little while. God has blessed my garden with a bountiful harvest and I have been doing lots of tomatoe processing. I hope to make a lot of salsa tomorrow! I am also going to try making tamales for the first time. I hope they are good because I love tamales!! This past weekend we spent with the hubbys family and it was fun. We were up at the lake and it was really cool this year-about 65. Not good swimming weather but the little boys all got in and so did some of the girls. Mia and I had a nap on the deck all bundled in a down comforter.
Sunday we had a end of summer band and bbq at the park. It was nice and the hotdogs were yummy. I dont know how many people were there but I do know that they fixed about 150 hotdogs!
Now for the serious stuff. Our friends-Jeremy and Addi Camp lost there baby at 14 wks. Please lift them up to Jesus and Addi asked for healing for her body.
Next-Please pray for little Charlie. He is the little boy of our friends and they are waiting to bring him home from Ethiopia. He has phenomia and its a long ways away from mom and dad. Please pray for them that God gives them peace during this time.
Well I have a lot of stuff to do to get ready for the salsa making process tomorrow-so I must go.
May you be blessed-A

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